We help bring sanity to your organization's chaos.

We don't like losing sleep either.

We see you. We get you. We can help.


Stuck with multiple spreadsheets and pieces of paper? Still retyping information multiple times into multiple systems? Not sure what technology you have, what it costs, or what you need, only that it's not working well? 

We want more for you.


Stuck making decisions based on your gut? Feel like you're flying blind and have no way to measure or prove how successful your programs, marketing, and consultants are? Not sure what data you have or what you need to promote your mission?

There is a better way.



Stuck working nights and weekends because there aren't enough hours in the day? Can't think about how to grow or scale your organization's impact without also thinking of what will break or become more painful?

Change is possible.

We can help.

We love hearing what you're struggling with and what you're dreaming about, and then assessing if and how we're able to help.

If we aren't the right fit, we'll tell you that too.

Click the button below to get on our calendar.

It's free, and you'll come away with a next step to take.

We'll come away with a new friend. It's a win-win for both of us.

Who is Blue Tree?

We are problem solvers, do-ers, thinkers, advisors, and data geeks. 

(We love diving into your strategy, data, and technology)

We equip our clients to do more with less.

(We love helping you change the world)

Our Core Beliefs

Technology & Process

  • No one should have to do something manually if it can be automated.
  • Repetitive, well-defined tasks can be outsourced to technology.
  • Entering information more than once is unnecessary.


  • Nothing is more motivating than measurable, visible progress.
  • Return on Investment is not only measured in dollars, but also in time, overwhelm, learning curve, and impact.
  • Accountability is key to making change happen.


  • Everyone deserves to take a day off without fear that things could fall apart.
  • Human expertise is valuable and will always be needed.
  • Organizations run on people. Finding sanity at the workplace matters.

Ready for sanity and greater impact 
but not sure what that would look like?

You are not alone!

Here is what our process is for all our clients. Each step looks a little different for each of our clients, but the process is the same for everyone.

While each step looks different for everyone, our process is the same for all our clients.

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