Capacity Builders Academy

The Academy

Our Academy Sessions are held approximately every 2-3 weeks and are a mix of specific topics to guide the conversation. These are group sessions designed to not only get advice from us but have access to a similarly-minded community as well. The format varies but primarily has introductions, topic introduction, and a round-table format after that. We cap the number of participants on the call so that we can be sure everyone has time to be heard and responded to.

We know that cost can be a deterrent for non-profits to get access to expertise, and this is our way of saying you shouldn’t have to go without or take what you can get from your son’s-roommate’s-cousin’s-best-friend-who-one-time-made-a-website-15-years-ago — your mission is worth more than that! We’ve served the non-profit community enough to know you need real advice on how to address real needs before (or unfortunately after) you get in a real hole that’s hard to climb out of alone. The Capacity Building Academy is a great way to get to know us better without a lot of cost. We offer each session individually or you can buy a membership package and have unlimited access.

Common Topics include: Making Spreadsheets Work For You, How far can you get with Google Sheets, Where to find Training, Untangling Processes and the Tools that Entangle them, So you birthed a Non-Profit–Now What?, etc. If you have a great idea you want us to talk about, let us know!

Join The Academy

Our academy is available in a couple of ways: Office Hours and Academy Sessions. Office Hours are one of the ways we give back by inviting any organization to stop by and say hello, ask a question, get to know us. Academy Sessions are topical in nature and go more in depth. They can be purchased one session at a time or an unlimited membership.

Virtual Office Hours

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month
  • 60min

Academy Sessions

  • every 2-3 weeks
  • 90min

Academy Membership

  • Unlimited Academy Sessions
  • 1 year membership