Ask Us Anything

Why the Package?

Ask Us Anything packages are our best starting point for 1:1 time with us. We used to offer consulting hours by themselves, but we quickly realized that our clients needed more than just an initial meeting with us — they needed a written action plan, to be able to check-in with us at a later date and either be celebrated and cheered on to the next step, or be able to followup and ask more questions about something they hadn’t yet figured out.

One of our greatest desires is to see transformation actually happen. Without followthrough and taking action on ideas, plans, and solutions, change cannot happen. Our greatest successes (and our greatest disappointments) have all come from this simple truth. We cannot make change happen within your organization — this is your job. What we can do is help set you up for success and support you as you blaze new trails.

In order to do this well, we changed how we work with our clients — we only offer our time WITH built-in accountability to make sure you’re equipped with what you need to take action and supported as you embark on your journey.

This package’s focal point is 1:1 time with us and the resulting prioritized action plan write-up that follows, but what really makes it work is the email support after the call and the ability to show up in our academy sessions.

Ask Us Anything Packages

Once we have you on the schedule, we’ll send you some questions via email so we can both start prepping for our call — we thought about calling these “Power Hours” because we work hard to pack as much as we can into them. It’s fast paced and you can have as many people on the call as you need (we recommend 5 or less, however). Don’t worry about taking copious notes, we’ve got the recorder going to fall back on and we’ll send you a Prioritized Action Step Write-up within 48 hours after our call.

Single Ask

$ 500
  • 60min 1:1 call
  • 1 month to use
  • Prioritized Action Steps Write-up
  • 2x Capacity Builders Academy Sessions
  • 2 weeks email support
  • call recording

Double Ask

$ 800
  • 2x 60min 1:1 call
  • 3 months to use
  • Prioritized Action Steps Write-up
  • 3 months Academy Membership
  • email support
  • call recordings

Quadruple Ask

  • 4x 60min 1:1 call
  • 6 months to use
  • Prioritized Action Steps Write-up
  • 6 months Academy Membership
  • email support
  • call recordings

Packaged Academy Sessions

Our Academy Sessions are held approximately every 2-3 weeks and are a mix of specific topics to guide the conversation. These are group sessions designed to not only get advice from us but to have access to similarly-minded community feedback as well. The format varies but primarily has introductions, topic introduction, and a round-table format after that. We cap the number of participants on the call so that we can be sure everyone has time to be heard and responded to.

You will receive an email when we have added you to the Academy once you’ve purchased an Ask Package. Please wait until you have been added to the Academy to reserve your spot in these sessions.

Ongoing Support Packages

Once we have an established relationship, we do have ongoing support and accountability packages starting at $150/month. These packages are only offered to existing clients once we are both sure we are a good fit for each other before committing to a longer-term engagement.