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We connect products like QuickBooks, Tableau, and Power BI and create simple dashboards for nonprofits and small businesses.

Still exporting reports to Excel and spending hours sorting and filtering data? You've come to the right place. There is a way to import data from popular products, like QuickBooks, Google Analytics, and Payroll software into Tableau and have beautifully designed and easily digestible visual dashboards. When it's time to present results to your board or CEO, you'll save yourself time and stress (no accounting or data analysis experience required).

You're likely looking for ways to...


Save time by simplifying complex data and reveal hidden truths within the data.


Share data in a format that is beautifully designed and easy to comprehend.

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Get the immediate answers you need to take decisive action.

Examples of Common Dashboards

tableau quickbooks visual dashboard custom solution tableau quickbooks visual dashboard custom solution

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