Capacity Building Roadmaps

Why do you need a Roadmap?

Likely your organization has a strategic plan or a set of strategic objectives mapped out for the next few years. Typically those objectives and plans talk about the ways the organization will be fulfilling its mission and vision but not how you are going to get there or what you will need to be able to do it.

A single objective can be simple or complex, but almost always introduces change or something brand new to the organization in a top-down fashion. Your staff, if you are lucky enough to have one, tend to look at the organization from the bottom-up, identifying specific operational needs that aren’t always apparent at the strategic level.

Our Capacity Building Roadmap fills in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be, giving you a path forward and the confidence you need to make decisions about how to prioritize, what technology you actually need, and what to seek funding for next.

What to Expect.

Our roadmapping process is simple and straightforward. It all starts with you taking the action of reserving a spot on our schedule for your organization. After that, we will schedule a kickoff and a series of deep dive meetings that will take anywhere from 3-11 hours of your time depending on what size assessment you choose. Once that is complete, the Blue Tree team starts working on your Roadmap and may reach out to you with followup questions. After that’s completed, we review the report with you and you will be ready for liftoff. Many of our clients are professional DIY’ers, but not all! If you prefer the accountability and extra support, we have liftoff sessions you can add onto your assessment package if you choose.

Why Our Roadmap is Different.

Our Capacity Building Roadmap takes into account both the top-down and bottom-up views of the world — sometimes our deep dive sessions are the first time both the strategic visionary and the “do-er” are in the same room purposefully diving into topics together.

We right-size our roadmap to each organization using a combination of factors that interrelate and layer together:

  • Where your organization is currently and is wanting to go strategically
  • What kinds of information, outcomes, and data you track and report on
  • The internal staff, roles, and skills
  • How processes overlay with strategy and staff responsibilities
  • The type of work your organization does, how it helps people, and how it grows
  • The existing technology you have in place and what is working vs not working

Many assessments exist that focus on one or more of these topics as a stand-alone, formulaic evaluation that leaves an organization with an intimidating to-do list and little connection to how completing it will get the organization closer to achieving their goals. It’s also common that assessments leave out specific technology and data guidance. Our Roadmap brings all of this together in one report and prioritizes recommendations so you don’t have to wonder where to get started.

Ready to Get Started?


  • 60m Kickoff
  • 2 hr Deep Dive session
  • 60m Review
  • Email Support
  • 3 months Academy membership
  • $1000 due up front, $1000 4 weeks later


  • 60m Kickoff
  • 3x 90m Deep Dive sessions
  • 90m Review
  • Email Support
  • 4 months Academy membership
  • $2500 due up front, $2500 6 weeks later


  • 60-120m Kickoff
  • 6x 90m Deep Dive sessions
  • 120m Review
  • Email Support
  • 6 months Academy membership
  • $4000 due up front, $3000/month for 2 months

Not quite ready to take the next step?

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