Let's Build Your Roadmap

Together, we'll create an action plan that will save your nonprofit countless hours, money, and stress.

Our Capacity Building Roadmap fills in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be, giving you a path forward and the confidence you need to make decisions about how to prioritize, what technology you actually need, and what to seek funding for next.

Our roadmapping process is simple and straightforward. It all starts with you taking the action of reserving a spot on our schedule for your organization. After that, we will schedule a kickoff and a series of deep dive meetings that will take anywhere from 3-11 hours of your time depending on what size assessment you choose. Once that is complete, the Blue Tree team starts working on your Roadmap and may reach out to you with followup questions. After that’s completed, we review the report with you and you will be ready for liftoff. Many of our clients are professional DIY’ers, but not all! If you prefer the accountability and extra support, we have liftoff sessions you can add onto your assessment package if you choose.

You're likely looking for ways to...

Increase Efficiency

Simplify your systems and automate away time-consuming manual tasks so that your business takes less time and staff to run.

Save Money

Eliminate your back end bloat. Simpler systems mean more efficiency, easier operations and lower costs.

Be Resilient

More profit means a bigger financial cushion, and more efficiency means nothing comes crashing down when you hit a crisis.

Run Lean

Identify where you need actual human support, and where you just need clearer tools and processes, which keeps costs low and profit high.

Resolve Limitations

Identify changes you could make in your business RIGHT NOW to set you up for success later on.

Grow Your Margins

Simpler, more efficient systems & business design means more margin, both time & profit. So you can weather any storms.

Ready to get started?


60 Min Kickoff
120 Min Deep Dive Session
60 Min Review
Email Support
Easy Payment Plan


60 Min Kickoff
3 x 90 Min Deep Dive Session
90 Min Review
Email Support
Easy Payment Plan


60 to 120 Minute Kickoff
6 x 90 Min Deep Dive Session
120 Minute Review
Email Support
Easy Payment Plan

Not quite ready to get started?

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