We help big-hearted organizations build greater capacity for impact.

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We meet you where you are.

Stuck with multiple spreadsheets and pieces of paper? Still retyping information multiple times into multiple systems? Not sure what technology you have, what it costs, or what you need, only that it’s not working well?

We want more for you.

Stuck making decisions based on your gut? Feel like you’re flying blind and have no way to measure or prove how successful your programs, marketing, and consultants are? Not sure what data you have or what you need to promote your mission?

There is a better way.

Stuck working nights and weekends because there aren’t enough hours in the day? Can’t think about how to grow or scale your organization’s impact without also thinking of what will break or become more painful?

Change is possible.

We Can Help

We want to help you thrive, not just survive.

Blue Tree exists to equip non-profit organizations, just like yours, for action. Knowledge makes things possible, but without action and followthrough, knowledge alone doesn’t get it done.

From grassroots to growing; from local to global; from stuck to scalable; whatever your transformation looks like, we can help.

For the dreamers and visionaries out there, we take your dreams and figure out how to make them happen strategically and tactically. For the doers who are deep in the daily grind, we take what you’re doing and start to dream with you and figure out where to intentionally head next.

We consider big picture strategy, the day-to-day of getting stuff done, and the relational side of non-profit work as we work with you. We know how to make technology and data non-intimidating and accessible to non-technical people.

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Our Products

Our product offerings align with each stage of an organization’s lifecycle. We love the non-profit world and want to lead the way in providing a lot of value in an affordable package.

We know that non-profits commonly struggle with needing expertise AND needing the cash flow to be able to afford that expertise. To address this, we have our Office Hours available once a month at no cost and our Capacity Builders Academy Sessions available at a low cost.

We also work with Funders, Foundations, and Consortium type organizations on customizing any of our product lines to provide our services to the organizations they serve.

Capacity Builders Academy

$0 - 60each
  • 60-90min Group Calls
  • Community Support
  • Best for: All Stages
  • Built-in Accountability
  • Memberships available

Ask Us Anything Session

  • 60 min 1:1 call
  • 2 weeks Email Support
  • Best for: Early to Established Stages
  • Includes Academy Sessions
  • Larger Packages Available

Capacity Building Roadmap

  • Deep Dive Meetings + Roadmap
  • Email & Community Support
  • Best for: Established and Growth Stages
  • Includes Academy Sessions
  • Different Sized Packages Available

Wondering if we take on project or consulting work?

Yes, but we only take on projects we love doing with people we already know well. We require all our potential project-based clients to complete a Capacity Building Roadmap before we will consider custom project or consulting work. We believe in discovering and addressing root causes, not just putting on another band-aid. By going through the Roadmap process with us, we will both find clarity on what direction to head and what kind of help is needed to get there.

Not quite ready to take the next step?

This is 100% okay! Reach out when you’re ready, or keep in touch by joining our mailing list or following us on social media.

In the meantime, stop by during our (free) virtual Office Hours — introduce yourself and get some answers.

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