We help big-hearted organizations build greater capacity for impact.

Nonprofit leaders wear many hats and struggle to find the right support and resources. Our small but mighty team created Blue Tree to provide nonprofits the tools and decision support to thrive!

Strategic Planning

You've gone from good to great, but don't know where to start. Blue Tree exists to help organizations clarify their identity and plans to get where they want to go.
I'm ready. Let's go!

Data & Dashboards

Get at-a-glance views of key performance indicators through our customized reports that connect data from Quickbooks, Qlik, and more! 
Yes, I need that!

Technology Coaching

Tracking and reporting doesn't have to be a time suck. Discover ways your team can simplify processes, no matter their skillset or experience.
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Quotes from our Clients Superheroes!

We work hard to create a safe space for our clients to talk about things they don't want to share, but must in order to get better. To preserve/protect/encourage that safe space, we don't advertise the names of our clients or leaders we work with.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate you! You continually inspire me, specifically how you lead with quiet confidence without being condescending and how you build trust and team and loyalty. You truly are a leader, not because of your title, but because of the way in which you make others feel. You bring out the best in all you interact with.
Nonprofit Executive
You’ve knocked it out! I gave five priority problems to solve at the beginning and you’ve essentially given us solutions and recommendations. At this point, it would just be a matter of implementing the action items... you have pointed us in the right direction!
Nonprofit Executive
I read through the document last night before going to sleep and have given it another run-through this morning. Thank you so much for the level of detail in the recommendations! This document gives us a clear roadmap for the next steps.
Nonprofit Executive
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